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    Default One Channel Is Weak

    I just looked at a 2002 Suburban. The sound system worked well except that the right rear channel volume was weaker that the others. The sound was not distorted, just lower in volume.

    Has anyone had experience with this? Could it be the speaker? Could it be the radio itself.

    I also noticed that there was only one large speaker in the rear (sub woofer?) on the left side. Could it be that the right rear channel only drives the higher frequency sounds and not the sub woofer; hence, the difference in volume?



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    Its possible that the truck had an upgrade potion for a 7 (example) speaker option which includes a subwoofer and if it did, usually theres no HPF and LPF (high & Low pass filters) meaning that you dont have the option for only low frequencies to only come out of the subwoofer, or the other way around, and so it makes it louder on one side.(in your case the left.)

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    That's what I thought might be the case since the sound was not distorted. A bad speaker or bad amplifier channel usually will have distortion.

    I take delivery tomorrow so I'll get to check it out!

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    I just pulled the door panel off. It was a bad 6" speaker, not the radio. The best price I can find fro a replacement speaker is about $55.

    Anybody know of a place that can beat $55 for a new speaker?

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    I answered my own question. A speaker popped up on eBay this morning for $27. I snagged it quickly.
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    That's awesome!

    Your original post said "I just looked at a 2002 ..." But, if you're buying speakers .. it's yours now?

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    Yes. I bought it a week ago.

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