I've looked and read. I've done research. But I've heard so much conflicting stuff it isn't funny. First my truck. It's 4x4 crew cab with 5.3 and stock 3:42 gears. I'm getting ready to start the mods and need to make sure I do it right.
I would love 35" tires, but I also like my stock rims, and I'd hate to have to come up with the extra money for re-gearing. I've been told some dealers sell my exact truck set up by aftermarket companies with 6" lift and 35" tires...... but I don't want to void my warranty, and I bet it would be a total dog with the stock gears.
I like the 4" lift, but would I really be limited to 33" tires ? I've been told with a little trimming I could do 35" tires with a 4" lift.
Straighten me out ! what's my best course ? yes I want 35's, but don't want to regear. so can I do 35's with a 4" lift or am I stuck with 33's ?
And can I use 35's with my 3:42 gears without putting too much strain on the trans or hating my truck because it won't get out of its own way ?
let me hear what you know and what I can do. I appreciate it.