I have a idea for the Paramount Restyling Black Evolution Grille that's the RBP look alike that is all black with chrome rivetss. I have been looking online and have seen that they are a 1 piece replacement and fit just like the stock grille shell. The pic's i uploaded recently on the grille look nothing like the actual pic's i have seen on other trucks with the grille i must say i'm impressed for the price $305.

Anyways about the Custom Grille Emblem to go in the middle of the 1 piece grille i have contacted someone who can make me some custom emblems and at a vair price. The emblem is gonna be the Star logo just like the RBP grille emblem except is goin to be powdercoated gloss black and the outline of the star is gonna be chrome to go along with the grille. The U.S. Army is gonna be cut out or punched out inside the star. I plan on not coloring the outline of the punch out of the U.S. Army but if anyone knows what color would look right and not look cheesy let me know.

I havent heard back from the guy but i'm sure the Emblem is gonna cost a good bit but i think it will be worth it in the end. I want a emblem that represents the Military since i'm in it without breaking any rules by copying other brand grille. I have been debating if he could maybe add a small thin piece of metal or aluminum or even plastic something to put behind the U.S Army cutout and have it maybe dipped in a pattern of the Digital Camo so they background is the same color of our uniforms. Anyone let me know what you think i just wanna do something different. Thanks, Jake