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    Default RV Stabilizer Jacks

    OK, so I've been thinking about the air system I'm going to put on the truck. Once I get it installed, I'm going to start carrying an impact wrench with me. Then I thought "damn, I'm still gonna have to carry a jack". Then it dawned on me, I can put RV stabilizer jacks under the truck strapped to the frame rails to pick up the corners so I can change a tire. My whole question is, any good online sources where I could pick up 4 jacks? I searched ebay and didn't find anything that would work or I had in mind. I think this would be an awesome idea...

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    Its only funny til they come down when your driving...On the other hand you'd get some big air!


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    Not sure if RV jacks would do what you want. Not real familiar with them, but I have been toying with the idea of a hydraulic jack set up like you are talking about for my Fiero.

    I have a real hard time getting in and especially out of the thing. It’s so low to the ground, with my back problems I have a tough time getting in and out, 6 herniated discs.

    With the hydraulically operated system it can be operated by a key fob like you have to unlock your car. Problem I have run into is I need 2 way cylinders that cost big bucks. Over $100 a corner, plus the pump and controllers. The pump isn’t a problem, that I have found. A friend who has a shop removed an electrically operated one he is willing to give me.

    Now all I have to do is find 4 cylinders and figure out how to install them.

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    As far as I know, each jack has its own little hydraulic pump. Either that, or it's worm drive or something of the sort. They are pretty reliable for a few years, but they do wear out after a while and sometimes they will not go all the way up when you go to retract them... Still that would be really cool...

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    Take a look at F1 or CART cars, they use a system that lifts all four wheels when an air hose is plugged in. I believe its a air operated hydraulic system, not sure I've never looked at them close. You could modify something like this to work.
    One problem I could see on a fourwheel drive is if your off road and stuck you better hope where the jack has to come down is a suitable place.

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    when I say I won't carry a jack, I don't really mean it. In the grand scheme of things, I will probably start carrying a small floor jack with me, and if I go off-roading, a high lift jack. Just like even though I'll have an impact wrench with me, I'm still gonna have the old trusty factory wrench and a 4-way. Neato systems like this can fail and I'd rather carry a backup at the cost of a few pounds. I'm just looking for the cool and unique factor, and to make life easier if the time arises that I need to use it.

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