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    Default Oil Cooler Lines

    I have a 94 Burb with leaking oil cooler lines. The lines are leaking where the rubber hose is crimped to the aluminum. The lines were replaced les than 15k miles ago with GM replacement lines. I am considering making my own lines using A/N fittings and stainless braided hose. Has anyone made their own lines? Also can anyone confirm the size of the fittings. I think the fittings on the radiator are 3/4" NPT and the fittings on the oil filter adaptor are 3/8" NPT. Any input is appreciated.

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    Can’t help with the line sizes, I did just replace one on our 94, NAPA had them complete and they came with new O rings, that was my problem.

    If you got the parts at a GM dealer check back with them about their GM Goodwrench guaranty. It is supposed to be lifetime I believe. Check it out, what have you got to loose? A phone call?

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    Hey just a thought!!!.....If the lines are leaking already after 15k miles might want to check just a little farther..

    I would check your motor mounts, the radiator mounts, seems to me that maybe your having a lot of movement , too much for the flex in the cooler lines.

    Just a thought!!!!!
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will look into the warranty on the lines. I just had a mechanic do a thorough inspection of the truck and he did not mention the motor mounts being bad. Is there an easy way to tell if the mounts are bad without removing them?

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    Open hood, put truck in drive with the brake on and rev the engine, watch the engine as you do this. It will move slightly, if it moves a lot the mount is broken.

    After letting the engine idle down do the same in rev the amount of movement in the engine should be equal. If one side rises more than the other then you have a bad mount.

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    Power steering fluid and brake fluid are highly corrosive. Make sure you don't have any leaks in those systems that would cause premature failure of any underhood lines. Otherwise I have installed dual filters before and used both neoprene rubber and stainless that work great. Sorry, no help with the line sizes.
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    You guys are awesome. Sure enough I had a bad motor mount on the drivers side and it was allowing the motor to move when I accelerated. This appears to have caused the oil cooler lines to fail. Thanks again for all of your help.

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    to add to this i cut the crimp connector (in line with the hose) and removed the outer shell there normall is a hose barb on the fitting that holds the hose and you can get new lines but the foot at NAPA ($3.50 a foot) and use smooth backed clamps and you will have a cheaper repair......mike
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