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    Default 96 & 99 Exterior Door Mirror Interchangeability?

    I've got a 96 LS Burb with the power, non-heated exterior mirrors.

    I also have a 99 LT Burb with the heated mirrors.

    The PS mirror glass is broken on the 96. (Actually, it is missing. Popped out and shattered when I smacked a mailbox with it.)

    I was about to pop the glass out of the 99 and put it in the 96 since that is my DD (the 99 will be for sale soon, I figured when I have time I could run to the junkyard and pick up a mirror glass for it.) when I realized it had the heated mirrors.

    Since they share sheet metal, I assume they share mirror mounting points / hardware.

    Do they also share a wiring harness?

    (I know on my Jeeps and my F150's there were always "extra" connectors on the harness for options my vehicle / model didn't have.)

    If I pulled both complete mirror assemblies from the 99 would the electrical connectors match up on the 96?

    Would the heated feature function when the rear defroster is turned on like it does on the 99?

    Both are barn door if that matters.


    Some stuff with wheels and motors...

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    FWIW, I answered my own question...


    They do not interchange.

    99 LT w/ power heated mirrors has 8-pin connector.

    96 LS w/ power regular mirrors has 4-pin connector.

    Some stuff with wheels and motors...

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