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View Poll Results: Chevy Suburban - Still Relevant?

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  • Solid Yes - Still fills an essential need.

    106 83.46%
  • Somewhat Yes - The world has changed, so has it.

    17 13.39%
  • Somewhat No - Gas prices too high & smaller families today.

    3 2.36%
  • Solid No - It served it's purpose, time to move on.

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    hi everyone,i´ve had 3 suburbans ´71 ´78 ´85. i loved them all even thou they were hard on gas.the ´85 had a 350/400 combo and that engine had an M stamped at the motor.strong as hell it was.i think the newer ones today seemes to be nice but a face lift wouldn´t be in the way,the fronts on the latest burbs and tahoe etc are too round in some way.much too like jappsies. but i hope they will keep up building them anyway,best from your peter in sweden

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    Default Suburban End Of The Road??

    No way. My '97 (1500LT-special ordered new) with 88,000 miles is a keeper. Have not yet found a task it cannot handle. The newer ones look beefier, but apparently are not as flexible as my series. Mine new was 30K+. Making luxury vehicles out of Suburbans defeats their purpose.

    Westchester, CA

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    Default Suburbans are like an old pair of Red Wing Boots !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Psyc0 View Post
    Mine's an '04, and when the wheels fall off, We'll install some new wheels, bearings, yadda, and continue.
    My first suburban was a 1999, after many Blazers in my 67 years, I got the fever ! I now have a 2005 Z71 with all options, at 77000 miles the transmission failed, but GM did foot half the bill to repair. Being retired my wife and I will continue to drive the most comfortable vehicle on the road. Easy to get in and out of, haul anything I like without knocking off the DVD player, I guess it works , who cares !! I tow with it when necessary, and am always elected to haul friends to the event where their " little SUV's" can't make the cut. 16-19 mile @ gallon with all synthetic fluids and K&N air filter. We have not much control over the minds of GM engineers as they struggle to meet their quota---but then again I can repair mine for a lot less than the 60 grand for a new one !! Keep driving your 'Burb !!!!! After all you wouldn't throw away that ol' pair of RED WING BOOTS !!

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    Default Should be kept

    Three years ago I lost my late '93, early '94 model Caprice Station Wagon. This particular model was known as the SSW(Special Service Wagon). I put the roof lights, push bar, spotlight, and communications equipment back in and on it. I do roadside assistance and am a storm spotter so I used every inch of space in it. Loved it! When I lost my car in an accident 3 years back, I needed something along the lines of my wagon. I looked at trucks and thought "No, I won't have the storage space". I looked at vans and there's just not enough room to work on things when odd happenings occur to the engine or trans. I found my '97 Suburban K1500 and fell in love! 350 V-8, 4x4, and like a station wagon on steroids! Plenty of room for family and tools! It's just a damn shame that Chevy seems to just make certain vehicles for certain duties, forgetting that being utilitarian, such as the 'Burban, can be a good choice also.
    Jesse "Fireman"
    2001 Chevy Suburban C1500
    Storm chaser and assistance vehicle

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    We had a 78 for a number of years, I'm on year 6 of my 99, and 2 years on my wife's 02. I like my 99 best.
    The 78 was a beast - if I could find the sale flyer I made up, I would post it. Something about 'this is not a SUV, 4 tons of pissed off Detroit steel...'
    The 02 is 'fancy' - cloth seats, power thisnthat, and my wife likes the 6L.
    The 99 was a government truck - vinyl baby!, crank windows, dual a/c, floor shift 4x4. I looked a year and half for it, and intend to put 400k on it.

    I hope that GM keeps the line around - this is the 75th year, right?! Nothing else works like them. I have to agree with others that getting back to basics will keep the interest up, and in the market that is has served best. Drop the fancy crap, offer the diesel, and ftlog, bring back cargo doors!

    When GM dropped the cargo doors, I sent them a letter. My memory has faded of the entire content, but something about argyle socks on heated leather seats whilst you waive at your friends through the sun roof...bah.

    I have a bunch of kids, and they have friends, and they have stuff, and we're always going somewhere. I haul everything for friends and family, pull the trailers, do the jump starts, and find some reason to go to the back of that field in the rain. All of it with very little mechanical trouble. Yeah, I pay for fuel, but I don't drive like a moron, either.

    I still have a use for a Suburban. I'll have a use for a Suburban for a long time. I don't even look at other "SUV's", because nothing else compares - no matter what you call 'em. Someday I'll need to replace my truck, and I hope there is still a Suburban available; under 60k and true to it's heritage.

    Thanks, Steve. You, too, GM, for a workhorse of a vehicle.
    Last edited by KidHauler; 09-24-2011 at 02:05 AM.

    1999 Chevy K2500 Suburban 350
    K&N, reworked cai, Thrush cat-backs
    Vinyl, cranks, floor shift, and rear air!

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    Sr. Apprentice 91Sub4x4's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Colorado Springs, CO


    My dad bought the '91 brand new and with more options than my '11 WRX. It hauled my two brother's and I to different Air Force bases all around the country and even came with us to Portugal. He bought a new Avalance in '04 and, after listening to me plea for 6 months, gave the Suburban to me. My friends refer to it as The Tank and it has lived up to its name. It's pulled, hauled, and pushed more than it's (suggested) max weight on several different occasions. The most recent being over 3500lbs of sod stacked to the roof from the front seats to the barn doors. The body and frame made scary noises but it made the trip, twice, and now my yard is beautiful because of it.

    I'd love to see GM make another big-body-go-anywhere-with-anything-inside utility vehicle but I doubt they will. Bringing your truck to work is more and more rare. Most companies now provide vehicles, or transportation, to get to and from work sites. It's much easier for them to track mileage, gas, and maintenance on a vehicle that they own and that they know will only be on the road/trail during business hours. It was much easier to justify a large, gas gussling vehicle when its usage included hauling the family AND work gear. GM went the luxury direction with the Suburban because average consumers got away from "look what mine can do" and into "look how big mine is".

    Hence, the ridiculous Escalade.

    1991 Suburban V1500
    100k miles Dec 26 2008

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    Feb 2010
    Amarillo, Texas, United States


    We have owned two Suburban/Yukon XLs in our relativily young family. Bought our first 02 YukonXL when our first son was born and have upgraded to our current Suburban in 2010. Every vehicle we have gets compaired to the Big Utes. I waited as long as I could for GM to come back to their senses and put the diesel back in but we were due for a update. If GM was to build a new burban with a diesel, I might likley be the first in line... Even if they don't put the baby Duramax in the 1500... PUT THE TRUCK DURAMAX IN THE 2500!!!!! I would gladly upgrade to the 2500 for the Diesel capability. Come on GM pull your heads out of your buts!

    2010 Suburban Z71 5.3 A6, Sheer Silver, Ebony Interior

    2004 Lexus RX330 AWD - Netune Blue Metalic

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    Upstate South Carolina
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    The world without a Suburban would be a sad place. I have put my family of 3 and my buddies family of 4 and 10 days with of luggage inside the Suburbeast and drove to Florida. The roof rack was empty. There is no better travel vehicle. With 4 wheel drive and recovery hooks, I have pulled trees out of the road so I could take my wife to work or to clear the road for the doctors that live in the neighborhood. Pull the 3rd row seat and fold down the second row seat an a 7 foot rectangular table and 6 chairs fit with room to spare. If the Burb is discontinued, a piece of America is gone forever.

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    Mar 2010
    Victoria Harbour, ON


    Yes, I believe the Suburban has a place but I would l like to see a diesel in the lineup. At $150 to fill the Suburban, it sits in the driveway much of the time and I purchased a used VW diesel for every day use. However, for pulling our camper there is nothing like the Suburban. Again, I'd appreciate the torque of a diesel.

    tomorrow I am looking at a '99 with "low miles" ~ 135k km or 80k miles. It has the 6.2 litre diesel that I researched on this site. Consensus is that it is not the best engine, but reasonable if kept tuned. I appreciate the information of contributors to this site.
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    2003 Suburban 1500 LT, brake controller, Clarion double DIN stereo with Nav, bt and backup camera

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    Jr. Mechanic
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    Aug 2009
    Lockport, NY


    I admit I didn't read ALL of the above remarks, but in scanning them I didnt see the main reason I dont see them dumping the suburban anytime soon. The US government. Ever see the president's team travel? They have more suburbans with JUST that travel brigade than we have EVER had at our dealership at one time EVER. Every TV show, movie, etc..all filled with Surburbans when it comes to a government motorcade. And for good reason. It will carry a lot of people. You can put in big motors and you can still stow a LARGE AMOUNT of automatic wheapons behind the back seat. (Which you cant do with a tahoe.) Put the third seat in a tahoe and see how much room you have left for cargo.
    The Surburban has never been a BIG seller for GM, or for chevy. But it does fill a part of the market that nothing else does or does as well. The avalanch is going after 2012. It will come back looking like a honda ridge line based on the colorado platform. A sad end to a very unique vehilce. Another one where the price of it kept it out of reach for the general market. But then a fully loaded crew cab half ton pickup, not including the desiel models is over $45K these days. And when you get into the 2500 or 3500 models with the desiel engines in them $60K is not an unusual number at all now. The 1LT 1500 extended cab pickup with a 5.3L pickup is still the best seller for the north east market that I am in. They out sell all other trucks by at least 3 to 1 now. The Traverse in AWD is a very good people carrier for a large family. But it is not a truck, at least not according to truck buyers anyway. If you want to tow ANYTHING, you dont usually buy a Traverse. In the last year I have sold only ONE with a factory tow package on it.
    So in my humble opinion I don't see the Suburban going anyplace for a very long time. Regardless of gas prices, simply because the government does not care what the price of gas is because WE pay for it anyway.
    But then I could be wrong. I often am

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