I have a 1990 1/2 ton 4x2 w/ 6.2L Diesel. I would not trade it for anything offered now. My first car was an 85 GMC Suburban 1/2 ton, 4x4, 350. I am a GMC guy and can not stand the front of the new Yukon XL. If GM offered a heavy half 2wd with a smaller diesel, wouldn't even have to be a duramax, with a 6 speed manual, seeting for 9, vinyl or rubber floor and vinyl or cloth seats. I might buy a new one. I don't mind the look of the Suburban over the Yukon, but I did not realize the second row no longer folds flat. One last thing, bring back the Barn Doors. Not that a new Suburban would fit in my garage, they're too tall, but if it did I could not open the back in the garage. With the barn doors I can open the back up anywhere. Aparently GM can make more money by making these a luxury vehicle and selling them for 50K+ than they can by making them what they used to be.