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View Poll Results: Chevy Suburban - Still Relevant?

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  • Solid Yes - Still fills an essential need.

    106 83.46%
  • Somewhat Yes - The world has changed, so has it.

    17 13.39%
  • Somewhat No - Gas prices too high & smaller families today.

    3 2.36%
  • Solid No - It served it's purpose, time to move on.

    1 0.79%
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    If it has an air bag I wont buy it .if it aint carbed it should be! I'm a carb man.

    Are you serious?! I suppose we should go back to points and condenser and plugs that have to be changed every 15,000 miles too. And while we are at it, lets get rid of the starter motor and put in a hand crank..... Dirt bikes have even gone to F/I systems and removed their carbs. Start ups hot and cold are much easier since the computer automatically adjusts everything depending upon the air fuel mixture requirements.

    2003 Suburban
    1968 Camaro 454

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    I hope they keep it I'm getting a 65 suburban to match my c10 I'm gunna make it the family travel car making it all modern. One day down the road I hope I can go to the dealership and get a new one when I pass that one down
    2009 chevy 1500 z71 4x4
    2.5 ccm level,2.5 inch rear blocks 305/60/18 coopers stt,Debadged,10 series flow w/dual exit in front or right rear tire, KN CAI, diablo InTune, 18% tint all the way around ,spec-d euro headlights with black housings,winjet smoke LED tail lights,putco LED third brake light smoked, fab fours front bumper with 10k warn winch, RK sports ram air hood
    1965 c10 swb, zz4 350 with the hot cam and fast burn heads and a 780 Holley on top, richmond super street 5 speed,restorod

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    I have a need for a Burb and will continue to need one for at least the next ten years. There has been Burbs for this long because they do fill a definite need across several niches. They are used by public service, fire departments, utility companies and families. Heck, mine was the best rig for use as a service tech that I ever used. Camping too. Fold the seats and there's an enclosed pickup.

    I did the minivan thing. Yeah, it had as many seats, but no room. I had to get a roof carrier. Everything fits in the Burb with the kids.

    That said, I don't want to sell my '99. Truck frame and driveline. Plenty of room, power and good enough economy. The newer ones don't fit me as well and mine is paid for. I get the same mileage as the newer ones, so why trade up to what I already have?
    1999 Suburban C1500 LS 5.7 K&N filter, VentVisors, debadged aka "LAAT/i...Larty"
    1994 C2500 454. Ex-Forest Service beastie. aka "Redneck"
    2006 Saturn Ion...the Wife's car.
    Empty spot that needs a Jeep...

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    I have a 99 replaced my 99 chrysler it for road trips and to haul a drag bike...Great vehicle. Won't not have one in the garage. GM won't get rid of it...they would be silly to do so...

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    I dont have a suburban. But I think that they need to keep making them or if they dont want em anymore replace the burbans with some thing else pretty much like it. Because there are still lots of big families out there still and even if u dont have a big family u could still have one, cuz some people like to fill them with subwoofers, then there is the others that like them for hunting vehicles cuz there is so much room in them.
    1994 GMC Yukon, 2 door, Victory Red
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    I love my 2003 suburban. I had a 99 before that, before that it was always conversion vans and blazers...but I feel my suburban has all that they had to offer plus some. I have the need to haul the wife and 3 kids around in a safe vehicle. I'll take the 14-16 MPG over the 19 MPG that my mother inlaws hyandai SUV gets any day. In my opinion, they always make suburbans, they have a niche of their own from soccer moms to presidents.

    I'd love to keep my 03 until the wheels fall off, unfortunately it'll probably be a rusty pile before the wheels fall off, in which case I'll be headed down south to pick up another one just like it. someday, I may own a newer body style, but not until the used price gets down there.
    89 chevy stepside off road
    03 suburban Z71
    03 Yukon SLT

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    I had the chance to drive all the new suburbans as a GM new truck salesmen. At first I didn't like the look but the drive is great. The seats hold up very well for a big guy like me (280LBs). I would take a new one for a drive including the Highway and see for yourself...Eric

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    I hear the Avalanche doesn't have a chance to out last it!!!!

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    I know how you feel. I hauled as much as 9 people and removed the third row and flattened the second row filled it up with ply wood, 2x4s, and all sorts of equipment and materials countless of times. I think the current generation of suburban is strictly a people mover because it's too nice to use as a work truck. I don't think the suburban will ever die out. There will always be a demand for a big wagon from GM. No matter how bad the economy or gas prices get. I'm only 21 and I think I've been groomed into a Suburban man for life. I love it, my family loves it. All my friends love it.

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    One problem for suburban now a day is the price. It is kind of crazy to spend that much on a NEW suburban. Resale value sucks but good for folks in the used market.

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