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    Default 97 Burb dash cluster oddities??? New to site.

    I have a 1997 Suburban that is giving me electronic fits. It starts and runs fine everything works fine and the instument panel works. Turn on the headlights and POOF the instrument cluster goes haywire. Speedometer and odometer cease working and the gauges peg. Anybody have any ideas on how/what to fix? I've twisted wrenches for more tha a few years and its a real puzzler for me. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Nobody so far? Looks like I'm going to end up in "parts changer " mode and that gets expensive fast.

    Still hoping someone can help out.


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    I had a 97' bought with 6 miles on it drove it for a looong time i do cars and i had the same issue,took it a place that does nothing but electrical and lets see they replaced the multifunction switch ,dash to front harness wiring harness,ran all new grounds....i knew them so they didn't charge me for anything they put on that didn't fix it.I told i work on cars and at that time i did but it had me baffled,a shop 'guessing' gets very expensive,after 4 weeks of trying they handed it back to me. this time the wiring under the steering column going to the ignition switch had rubbed thru and grounded itself out.I thought 'ah-ha' fixed the cooked wiring replaced the switch..nope 3 days later at a red light smoke came rolling from under the dash.had got good at pulling the right fuse under the hood ITS A 50AMP MAXI FUSE just a little fyi..

    Truck ended being sold for next to nothing because i couldn't lie and let someone else live the nightmare this trucks wiring had become.Having continued in the automotive field i have seen 2/3 more suburbans in the last decade that were a clone of my issue.Dealer never had a TSB on it and the shop that did mine got gun shy on that model.Check your rear bulbs if the plastic has got hot and is disfigured you have it.

    Thats what i always have the guys check first.

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    Dog, I have never heard of the problem you are describing. I doubt that this problem is spelled out in the diagnostic procedures. Pretty much if there is something wrong with the gauge cluster, it cannot be repaired and the whole assembly needs to be replaced. I would start by inspecting the wiring and connections associated with the cluster. I have a 98 Burb and a set of factory authorized manuals. It will be Saturday before I can dig in to this problem. So if you do not see a post on Sunday morning shoot me a PM as a reminder. - Charles
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