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    Default Vote OKing action has UAW talking strike

    With contracts between the union and Ford, General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC set to expire Sept. 14, UAW leaders have asked members during the past few weeks to authorize a strike. It's standard procedure and it doesn't mean that a work stoppage will occur.


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    Oh, please strike. It will make it so much easier for the Feds to come in and decentralize labor and de-unionize the shops. Then everyone will get a FAIR wage, and nobody will get paid to go home and watch Oprah.

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    In an of itself, I have no problem with the concept of collective bargaining and unions for what they do. The problem comes when it creates a work environment that is non-competitive with too many worker dis-incentives for production improvment.

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    The inplications of this UAW contract is far reaching. The spill over is already affecting here in Oshawa with shift 3 of truck plant being shut down. This plant here has been in operation since the introduction of car/trucks itself. Building fine autos for our American friends, So be careful what you wish for. I can only hope "Cool heads" prevail. The big 3 are determined to fix the problems come hell or high water. CAW up here are waiting for the UAW fight to begin...My city could be left in ruins....

    If GM leaves Oshawa, can you say "Real estate market correction"
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    The reason GM is loosing money is because of the short sighted management. They have not done anything as far as getting away from the large SUV market, or increasing mileage in them, they refuse to acknowledge the fact the reason they are loosing money is the managements inability to manage.

    They were making money hand over fist when people were buying the big SUVs and they had even more union members.

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    I agree, management gets paid the big bucks to manage, lead the company and have a 30,000 foot view of the market. That includes today, tomorrow and the next 10 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 84fiero123 View Post
    They were making money hand over fist when people were buying the big SUVs and they had even more union members.

    Thats actually kindof the same point I was making. When things are god and everyone is working, it works great, but when sales slump and they need to lay people off and scale back operations, rather than doing that, they have to pay people like they were still in the good ol days. BTrust me, I don't think Labor is the only problem in Detroit, but the labor deal in place now is rediculous. There are people still getting a paycheck that haven't stepped foot in a factory this mellinium. Companies have to be able to adjust their employee base when their market shifts, and the "big 3" are hamstrung in that area right now.

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