Has anyone out there tried to lower the rear of their Tahoe for an even, flat look? The difference between the front and rear wheel openings is 2 inches, the back being 2 inches higher than the front. I saw Eibach pro-fit coils to lower the back by 1 1/2 to 2 inches. That should be the ideal if I wanted the wheels to look the same in the wheel wells, front to back.
Has anyone tried this? Does it necessitate a front end re-alignment? Does it have any positive effects other than looks, i.e. cornering, fuel economy? Are there other springs that are better? I already have front and rear Eibach sway bars.
I am not trying to lower it to the ground. It is a Z71, and I take it off road and go camping with it. Lowering it 2 inches in the rear does not appear to effect the ground clearance??