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    Default Knock sensor questions

    Hey all,

    I just bought a K1500 and it seems in really great shape but the CEL came on after leaving the dealership (of course) and after connecting to a diagnostic tool I learned that it is throwing the P0327 KS code. While l have been looking about for the best priced replacement I have found some conflicting information and would like to ask all of you for some clarification.

    The barrier seems to be between 99 and 2000 most everywhere that says that the knock sensor between those two models is different though the engine is basically the same. I have found a few other sources that says that they are in fact compatible with each other. The reason I ask is money is exceedingly tight right now and the 2000 models sensor is nearly half the price of the 99 and if they are in fact compatible I will happily buy the less expensive ones to replace in my truck.

    Can anyone out there elaborate on the differences, if there are any, and if it will in fact work?

    Thanks all

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    Did you just buy the truck? If you did would it be under warranty?
    Do you have the 5.7 or the 5.3? I thought that was the year they changed over. I have the 5.3 & knock sensors are located under intake manifold, I would change both & wire harness if your going to do job.
    Is truck pinging?
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    I did just buy it but I got it from a used dealership as is with no warranty. I know that I should do both and the harness but it is a bit spendy with my budget at the moment that's why I'm asking if these sensors are cross compatible. I am pretty sure its the 5.3 350 vortec. I know they are supposedly under the intake but im not positive.

    I dont notice any ping but I am not familiar with that sound so Im not sure. I would think its one of those "youll know when its pinging" things


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    5.3 Vortec is a 325 Cubic Inch motor. They are under the intake, I have to do mine before I get a expired inspection sticker ticket. I can't hear pinging in my truck but I hear a rattle like sound around 1450-1800 RPMs.

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    I must have the 5.7 then, I know it has the 350 in it. Are these in the same place? Like I said I don't hear any rattling or noises.

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    I don't think on 350s they're in the same location. Think they're somewhere on the block.

    Take a picture of your engine if you can so we can be sure its a 350 and not a 325

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    On the 350s the knock sensor is behind the starter on the passenger side. You have to remove the starter to get to it.

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    Didnt take a picture but looked at the catalyst sticker and it says that its the 5.7 liter. So is there only one then?

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    Yeah theres only one. Forgot about the catalyst sticker...*wake up slap to the back of the head*

    Like previous statement, its behind the starter.

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    Forgot about the catalyst sticker...*wake up call slap to the back of the head*. Yeah theres only one I believe and like said its behind the starter.

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