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You just can't fix St...., oops. Sorry this is a fiend of yours.

Its a 97 and its a Ford. First thing is you get a large caliber hand gun and a spare magazine. Make sure both are fully loaded.......
i own both ford and chevy. both have there faults. both have there superior ups. i have owned mostly chevy's my entire life but i have stocks in ford. ford did something that chevy simply didnt have a spine to do. they took care of there own house while chevy stole tax payers money. thats right. they stole it. they took a 13b bailout and paid it back with government loans. ya thats right, got you thinking now, chevy put the word out that they are soooo for america and paid back there bailout but failed to say how. instead of any of that coming from there pockets they reached into our pockets to pay us. umm ya im not stupid enough to give chevy any accord. chevy upper management has betrayed chevy and our country. ford ceo even worked for free to help fix there financial problems. i have yet to see chevy's elite really sacrifice anything for us, for chevy or the country. while i still own and maintain my 94 suburban since i truelly love this thing i dont think ill ever buy chevy again. or atleast not until they admit and repent to the American people for screwing every American over.