My friend has a 1991 K1500 5.7 V8 4WD, and he has a few questions:

1. I have a 22in cherry bomb glasspack dumped before the rear axle, but its not that loud and dosent sound that good to me, should i get headers to make it louder, or should i true dual the the stock y-pipe to make it sound better, or both? (i like the sound of a cherybomb vortex and i can get it in a dual inlet/dual outlet if needed)

2. I also have a problem with power and fuel econ., she just dosent have the giddy-up-n-go power i want nor the fuel economy, i put a K&N replacement filter on it and removed the stock muffler and replaced it with a glasspack (as stated in the first question) to try to get her to breathe a little better but i didn't really see much of a change, what can i do to improve the performance of my Chevy without losing fuel economy?

I am on a budget but im not looking to buy everything by next week so any suggestions on my truck would be greatly appreciated!