Okay guys. hope everyone is doing well. I have been extremely busy, and have been with out a heater or ac for over two months. AC i can deal with but living in colorado now and getting ready to endure a 2000 mile trip back home to philadelphia for work related school. i need to get my heater fixed. my 1993 suburban has been a phoenix arizona vehicle its entire life. i took a trip to flagstaff a few months ago and was off road climbing up a mountain and it was getting chilly. soo i turned the heater on. about 15 mins later i started smelling something burning and then all power to my climate control center went out. there was no fire and i have found no burned wire. determined it was just the motor that smoked out. the fan was destroyed when i removed it. so yesterday i finally got a new blower motor and fan. there appears to be a power wire and a ground wire on the motor. i figured i lost all power to the climate control center because the motor lost a ground. soo wen i installed the new motor i was hoping that power would return to me climate control center. it did not. i checked the relay and it is not burned but i have no way of knowing if it is good or not. i dont want to just throw a relay at it hoping that power will be restored to my climate control module. does anybody have any idea where i should turn next. i dont understand why i would lose power to the whole module just because the blower motor went out..... really really stumped. any help would be greatly appreciated soo i can drive home for multiple days being some wat comfortable. again it is a 1993 k2500 suburban. had a 454 tbi in it and i blew it up and swapped a 1992 tbi motor out of my other suburban into this one. thanks Gerry