I'll start with the background information: a couple of months before I bought the Avalanche from my uncle, a young driver backed into the rear quarter panel. He left a note and his mother agreed to pay for the repairs, but this is not going through insurance. Fast forward to now, and I finally got it booked in for the repairs.

My uncle got the first quote from his regular body shop - $2600. Next was the shop the mother of the kid at fault suggested - $750. The GM dealer near my house quoted $10xx. Then I looked into paintless dent removal, but the crease is too sharp and close to the corner of the truck for that to be successful. The last place I went to has very good reviews, seemed very interested in my truck and me as a customer, will actually remove the upper cladding so there is no paint line along the edge of it, and has a warranty on their work for as long as I own the truck - for $1367. So, I booked the truck in there for November 7. I will get a picture of the crease tomorrow and post it up, and when it comes back from the body shop next month, I will put up the finished pictures.