Greetings. New member here hoping you all can help (searched but to no avail).

I have a 1999 GMC Suburban 5.7, auto 4wd with the 246NP8 transfer case.

I have replaced the transfer case with a reman. Then I replaced the transfer case module (was not working). after replacing both items the 4wd does not engage the front wheels (drive shaft spins but wheels do not when lifted off the ground). I pulled the actuator from the differential and engaged 4wh. The actuator pushes out (indicating to me that it is working). I would hate to have to drop the front differential but I fear that is my next step.

Does anyone see where I might be missing a step? I have a suspicion that maybe the actuator is not fully engaging, or may not engage against pressure since I can only verify that it is working when it is out of the differential. Any help would be appreciated