You have something else that is drawing current constantly that is more than the amount you stated in your posts. To drain the battery overnight it would have to be something more along the line of a small fan or other item requiring more energy than that .06 amps you indicated. The blown fuse on that particular circuit does not tell you what is draining the battery. It only tells you something either is grounded in that circuit, causing the fuse to blow, which at that point terminates any draw on the battery from that circuit, or something on that circuit exceeds the likely 10 amps that circuit is rated to handle. Since you already ruled out the second issue, then you have a power draw elsewhere that is killing your battery.

It is a long, tedious process to trace those kind of power drains. If you want to backyard it rather than pay a professional (I would do the latter), you have to get your service manual and find every possible thing that runs when the ignition is off. You have things like computer boards that draw power constantly, so you have to find other things that you can pull off or take out the fuse to shut off their power, and see if the battery still dies with all that stuff disconnected, or by disconnecting one at a time to rule out each one.