Hey guys,
Thanks for your replies and sorry for the delayed response. I haven't figured out the problem yet, I'm just stumped. I'm a Automotive Technology student so I've asked my teachers about this and all they seem to think it is is that the gear ratios are different now since the rear differential was replaced with a 14 bolt (originally a 12 bolt stock). My dad had this truck before me and he had the swap done. He swears its 3.73 in the front and rear, but after all I've been told I'm almost positive now that the rear differential likely has 4.10 ratio and the front has the stock 3.73 so they're not meshing when in 4wd. I gave it some gas when it slowed itself and the tires squack like they're moving at different speeds in the front and rear. So it does move if I push the gas, so not TOTALLY locked up. Any other thoughts??
Thanks again