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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregsyellorado View Post
    That is why I said what I did, about the other forums. I had a 2005 Colorado, liked somethings about it, but as far as build quality goes it sucked, the interior was crap, stuff broke all the time, radio peeled on knobs, replaced power window switchs alot, had the head replaced. and finally the last draw was the rearend going out. when I traded it for the HHR, I was having problems again with the security system, and that afternoon, when I left the dealer the truck would not crank, it cost them over $3000.00 in parts and labor, to get the truck running.
    As for my current truck, it aint perfect but it is what I was looking for in a truck. For me, it has the power I want, and easy to get more out of it, has the look I wanted, (hate the reg cab Fords), and had the equipment I wanted. While I wish that GM did a sport truck like they did in th late 80's and early 90's, I have grown to like the chrome, (last 2 trucks I had were sport versions with the ZQ8 suspension).
    Either way do some research, check forums ask the owners, and if they are honest about their trucks they will let you know.
    Well said sir!

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    I have owned both a 2009 F-150 with the 5.4 engine, and a 2011 Silverado with the 5.3 engine. I think both trucks are equally good, its just a matter of preference. Here is my list of pros and cons to each truck.

    F-150 Pros
    - The Ford 5.4 had more power the Chevy 5.3.
    - Tougher body and body hardware.
    - A more "rugged" look and feel, this is great if you use it for a serious work truck.
    - The back seat of the Crew Cab is gigantic.
    - The Ford felt a little more stable at high speed. I also own BMW's, and honestly, the Ford felt as stable at 80mph as a BMW.

    - I dont like how the new F-150s look, the grille and tail lights are ugly.
    - I dont like the new engine choices. I have heard horrible things about the 5.0. I have heard great things about the V6 turbo Ecoboost, but its a very expensive option ($1500) compared to the standard V6 without the turbo. But most of all, I am obsessed with V8's and a V6 kills all the fun!

    Silverado Pros
    - Feels more refined than the F-150. I prefer the fit and finish of the Chevy, it just feels classier inside and out.
    - Better turning radius, and it feels much more nimble to drive in a parking lot.

    Silverado Cons
    - The back seat of the Crew Cab is much smaller than the Ford.
    - The 5.3 has a little less power than the 5.4 (but it sounds better IMO =D).

    Anything other than a Ford or Chevy is a compromise, nothing comes close in quality and reliability.
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    I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado LT 4x4 with the 5.3L V8, classic body style (the new body style)

    I love how large the cab is and how comortable the seats are. Even long hauls with adults in the back seat are comfy. I love the headlights, the visability is amazing, the brights make it like daylight. I love the split rear seats folding up, I can put both my dogs back without worrying about them damaging the leather. I love the center counsel and interior dash. I love how manuverable my truck is. I love that I can use my truck as a commuter all week and then drive it up and down mountains, haul other trucks, and do whatever I need to do with this truck. For a 1/2 ton I have to say my truck is more reliable and performs better then my friends F150's and Rams.

    I thought it looked a little funny stock because the cab is so large on the stock body. I lifted it 6 inches, put 35" tires and 19" wheels on it and I feel that is the way they should come stock. Now this is not a problem and I love the look. The other bad, is my engine is burning oil however GM is working with me on a fix and if they can't find one I get a new motor. Mixed feelings about that but seriously, that is the ONLY issue I have had in 62,000 miles and I know GM will make me happy in the end.

    Silverado's are monsters. We have had a 1992, 1994, and a 2007. Buy a Chevy and you will be a Chevy person for life.
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    Vanessa (Fife, WA)
    2007 4x4 Silverado LT
    6" Superlift / Leveling Kit / Superchip
    MBRP Cat Back Performance Exhaust
    35" Tires / 19" Wheels / Smittybilt Nerfs
    Custom 2 Tone Leather Interior

    1978 3/4 Ton K5 Blazer Monster Truck
    8" suspension lift, 3" body lift
    44" tires, 16.5" wheels

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