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    Maybe we should get rid of parties and go back to work. Why do we align ourselves with a certain party
    Just get rid of all the BS and get down to basics
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caddiac View Post
    What we lack in this country is leadership. Neither party is providing it. The two party system is failure and we need another option.
    Well the Russians Nuking Washington D.C. and starting over from scratch is out so I'm not sure where we go from here.

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    The biggest issue the U.S. has all comes back to immigration. Or should I say illegal immigration. Not many politicians want to touch it though. Why is health care so expensive? Because there are illegal aliens going to the emergency room for health care, not emergency care but for coughs and colds. They do this because the U.S. Supreme court ruled that you can not turn anyone away from emergency care. So these doctors and other hospital staff give their services and the customer (patient) has no way of paying for the services. So the cost of that has to be carried over to someone who can pay for it. Yes we have american's that don't have health coverage. But it would be much more affordable if the burden was reduced by illegals.
    Another part is the stress on the local government. Here in NC everytime you turn on the news you here about the money shortage within the school system. Same as health coverage. Illegals send their kids to school and expect them to be educated. They don't pay into it but want to get something out of it. Remove the unpaid burden and the education of the american citizens should get better.
    Now how do you fix the issue? I like what Robin Williams said. Give them 90 days to get out.
    To stop them from coming across the border shoot 5 or so people trying to cross. Kind of inhuman yes but it will get the point across. We pay men and women to do the job of securing our borders but we tie one hand behind their back and blind fold them. The idea is to make the consequences such that they fear of getting caught. Now it is a big joke. They cross today and get caught they try again tomorrow.

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    I had some unwanted feral cats at a property I own. There was a group doing a catch spay/neuter and release program so they would stop reproducing. Great. But I don't want these F*%#ing cats around. So I trap three and decide to "relocate them". I voted them off the island - literally - as in cross the bridge to the main land and release them. Make it hard for them to come back.

    So instead of taking them to Juarez and turning them loose, how about Rio? Hell of a walk and I am pretty sure the Darien Gap is still pretty much impassable.
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