First of all this is my first suburban, and I love this truck! But I have a few issues. I bought the truck last Nov/2010. I was told the previous owner had changed the T-case with a junk yard T-case. He told me the old one would not engage. After he changed the case the truck immediately started making road noise. He told me that it was the junk yard T-case, possible bearing. I asked him if the truck was reliable with the way it sounds. He said yes, and it has been for almost a year now. I want to fix this noise though. Its annoying, and makes me feel like it might break down with a heavy load or long haul...like say 4 hours straight freeway. I took it to a shop right after I bought it. They told me it was the rear-end. So I'm not sure who to believe.

The noise:
It starts almost from a roll and builds as you go through the gears. at about 60 it gets a little softer but not much, and will drive you crazy after awhile. It will however get quite if you take your foot off the gas, and I noticed spinning the tires in the snow I could replicate the sound without going to far. I also noticed when the truck bounces the noise gets better on the up, and worse on the down.

Now I had some issues with the 4x4 mid winter. It stopped engaging into 4x4 high. I think I had the blinking light of death on the switch. Anyways after a few try's the light went solid but did not engage. It will however go into 4 low with a clunk. Maybe it's this thermal actuator switch I have read about because it stopped working in the very dead of winter.

Any help would be appreciated. I can add any information you think might make a difference. Please...If you have had any of these issues please inform me. I have an 18 month old, and cannot drive this beast much longer knowing it has a big fail coming soon. I just might have to upgrade to an 01-04 suburban