I have a 2005 Chev Silverado LS 2wd Truck w/40k miles (yes, barely driven). Anyhow the brakes would be a squeak sound when you press on them, so I took in to get them checked and the mechanic said your brake pads need to be replaced in the front and the shoes in the back. I asked him which one is more urgent, he said both have about 3 mos left, so i went with the front pads only. He said the sound was going to be gone, which it was for the reminder of the day.
The next morning, the sound came back! It squeaks again and I am thinking the mechanic lied to me because I asked him are you sure the squeaky sound will go away w/ just the front pads being replaced and he said yes. Now I'm thinking the squeaky sound is coming from the shoes in the back? What do you guys think? Is he right or wrong?