My name is Trevor and I have a 1990 GMC v2500 4X4 suburban! 218k miles stills runs great! but I am having a current issue, It just started after i put the linkage for the ac under the dash (drivers) side! I have took everything out including the dash faceplate and the ac connector to the far left side! Plastic black part! Now I replaced the started, Altinator,Battery! Altinator is running 12.35 to 12.70 when ac is running without ac its 13.25 I know it should be around 13.4 or 13.5!

The beast runs great with no lights! So when I run at night with the lights on it seems like it wants to die (almost like a power serge) it takes off ok then it seems like it loses power (almost like its no getting gas)! Has any one had this problem? Any help would be great!