We had my oldest son's 7 year birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday afternoon. I guess my 3 year old had to go to the bathroom and he was going to be taken by my brother-in-law. Well, turns out that he ran ahead into the women's restroom ... where he was alone for up to two minutes (depending on who's story you believe).

Some >> DUDE << went into the women's bathroom at the same time and I guess no one did anything about it. I was told at the time and I asked someone about it and they said it was just an accident. Well, it turns out that some woman said that the same man followed her daughter into the women's restroom .... and they told management and CHUCK E CHEESE MANAGEMENT DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

If I would have known, I would have stabbed the dude in the eye with a plastic fork. Just outrageous that no one did anything. I'm calling the city of Arlington police now and I just got done with Chuck E. Cheese. We got one good photo of the guy and are going to see if they have cameras that go into

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Called Arlington PD and they're on their way to take a statement from us and then check against the Chuck E Cheese security video. I got at least one photo of the guy in a background photo, but his face is obscured. If the guy made a mistake and went into the wrong bathroom, that's a mistake I guess ... but if he did it a couple of times and followed a girl in there, that's not good and the police should have friggen been called.