I had a problem, I was blowing the 25 amp fuse on the heat and air electronic control, after much time and money I figured it out and hope to save others some time and money.

I was driving and the green display went black, no air no heat no fan, so I took out the control unit put a fuse in and it did not blow, so I assumed it was a bad control unit. So I ordered a new one, put it in and voila it was fixed or so I thought. The first hot day I pushed the AC button and in a short time the fuse blew. So I thought the AC pump might be pulling to many amps, so I unplugged the AC pump and replaced the fuse and it did not blow. So my AC pump that is NEW is bad, it is under warranty so I just have to put it in. If you have this problem check the AC pump. It will save you $225 in a new control unit.