Hey everyone,
Just thought id tell everyone to make sure they keep their chrome clean! My stepdad just bought my mom a buick enclave last year in september and we noticed this past weekend that all of the chrome on the entire vehicle including the wheel package they got for it is already oxidizing! We were surprised at how fast the chrome had begun oxidizing since the vehicle is only a year old and my 96 suburbans chrome took years and years for that to start occurring. We took it to the dealership and they pretty much said thats your problem and told us that they have already had another customer in and sent in a report to GM which they replied with that they will not do anything about it because it occurred outside of manufacturing. The guy at the dealership then told us that he isn't surprised that it occurred as GM has begun using crappy chrome to cut down on prices on their side which turns around screwing over the buyer. Its sad to see that they don't make vehicles like they use to.They are all about the profit rather than the quality of the product.