Hey guys i havent been on here a while cause school is picking up but a new idea dawned on me on my way back. So i was on the highway on my way back to school when i passed a game warden in a crew cab nbs truck. Thats when i saw it... he had one of the spot lights that police officers have kinda where the door meets the frame on the drivers side. I was immediately struck with envy haha. Not only would it look pretty cool but it would be handy on the farm and when we go hunting. But i have no idea what so ever where to get my hands on one and how to put it in if i do. Would i try looking around on the internet or maybe going to a junk yard and seeing if they have any wrecked cop cars or what? If it turns out that there would be alot of drillin and tearing up the interior i might just have to pass on it but i wanna look into it. What do yall think?