As the title says GM finally made a car that i would buy again. I was looking for a graduation gift for my wife from college and saw this sitting on the lot. As most longtime members know i am not a fan of any GM after 2004 because i felt the quality had gone so far down hill. So i found this one on a dealer lot. It is a 2009 Saturn Aura XE with the 2.4L 4cyl, and 6spd auto. The lines are great the color was nice, and is still has 10K left on the powertrain warranty and for $9K who could go wrong. it even had brand new tires. So i bought it and have been more than impressed with the power from the 4cyl motor and the 6spd is actually a sweet little tranny (if you have driven a double clutched gear box that is since in an auto it can be a little jerky). Heck it has all the options that we want, and i wasnt aware that they even came with the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. When i put it in manual i was impressed at how fast the shifts where for being a manumatic. The interior is a bit on the cheap side with all the plastic but what do you expect. Heck with 33mpg they have to save some weight somewhere. I will be getting some pics of it a bit later. but i just wanted to put up a review of the little monster and give you all a laugh since GM seems to have gotten me back at least in the car arena.