I took drivers ed back in '73. It was a semester class at our high school. I finished before I was old enough to get my license so had to wait 2 months. I was the only driver who knew how to drive a stick. One gal tried and drove it through the fence. I drove on an snowy and icy day and purposely spun out and did a brodie or two. The instructor yelled over the radio at me. I just laughed and said I was practicing recovering from spinning out on snow. Instructor came back on radio and told me to quit showing off. Same instructor had me driving on freeway at 80mph when speed limit was 55.
Took my test in a 63 Chevrolet Pickup, 4spd on floor,292 big six, wood bed. Oh that granny gear was great.

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Unfortunately i have to agree with you. I have 27 years Experience driving Semi-trucks and 16 with my present LTL carrier. i am on the road daily and see some truckers doing crap thats beyond belief. makes me wonder who they bribed to get a CDL license
Sadly if you have 3000.00 you can get a CDL in 4 weeks from Cr England and other self training truck schools, Most Class 8 trucks are now equipped with automatic transmissions so their is really no skill to driving an 80,000 pound missile down the roads. No splitters, no 13' or 18's let alone 10's.