My wife has an 08 HHR and we inherited my moms low mileage 07 in 2009, both have been great cars with no issues on the 07 and minor issues on the 08.
We drove the 08 from Dallas Texas to Sacramento Ca. and back in 2009 and 3500 some odd miles and avg. 36 mpg at an avg speed of 75mph, considering my daily driver is a truck that gets 16mpg if I religiously hold it at 65mph I consider that great mileage and with the back seat folded down the little car carries a pretty good sized load of hardware from Home Depot.
I'm a little surprised to see them going, the panel version appeared to make a big mark in company fleets as a small hauler, in this area theres probably 15 companies that use them for courier vehicles and light haulers.
My only concern now as my HHRs start to age and GM will no longer be building them how will this affect parts availability.