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    Default Question: What is your health insurance cost & deductible?

    Just a quick question about health insurance. I'm curious what everyone is paying for it and what your deductible is?

    I had been working for a big car dealer, and the owner is clearly a self-important silver spoon manager that doesn't really give anything in the way of benefits. He won't even buy work-related items like pens, pencils, staples or notepads. It doesn't shock me that I was paying just about 80-85% for my family policy now that I have gone COBRA, but what does shock me is that the family deductible for the horrible plan he's chosen is $22,500 per year!

    That's right, the family deductible is $22,500 per year and $7,500 per person.

    The monthly fee for COBRA is about $1,000 and I was paying about $800-something as an employee. It does cover quite a bit and that includes maternity.

    Could this be the worst of the worst policies? Can anyone top that or point out an employer that pays for even less of the health insurance for employees?

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    we have great insurance in Canada......luckily we pay about $10 permonth where I work and what that
    gets us is the xtras i.e. extra life, private hospital, extra child coverage...I guess we are very lucky in
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhobey View Post
    we have great insurance in Canada......luckily we pay about $10 permonth where I work and what that
    gets us is the xtras i.e. extra life, private hospital, extra child coverage...I guess we are very lucky in
    We'll you're taxed for it ... nothing is free. It's a forced government-run pre-payment system from what I understand.

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    The company I work for is terrific when it comes to health care.
    For employee only it cost's $75 a month flat rate with a $2500 deductable.
    Family coverage is on a percentage scale according to your pay rate, for instance for my wife and myself we pay $185 a month with a $7500/$3750 deductable.
    They also have an incentive account that pays $1000 each for you and your spouse (up to $2000) if you do an annual pre screening health check-up where they send you a questionair and blood sample all handled by mail. The incentive account basically pays for the first $2000 of your deductable.
    I back this up with Military Retiree Tri-Care for life which really does nothing but turn down as many medical bills as they can and low ball the contractors on the rest. Of course one advantage to Tri-Care for life is when I tell medical billers heres my secondary Ins. they normally just write-off the amount instead of going through the hassle to get their money, I know not fair to them but I'm not stuck with the bill either.

    My daughter works for a company that charges a flat $1100 a month for insurance with a $25,000 per year and $12,000 per person, despite the fact that the company has less than 20 employees making over $1500 a month and around 170 making $1200 or less a month.

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    My company has OK health insurance (my wife just went back to medicare only since it was cheaper for prescriptions) I pay about $134 a month for dental and medical for myself. It is a straight 80/20 after $400, and after $8000 in coverage it is 100% coverage. However the prescriptions are attroctious (we paid 90% as the co-pay)


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    My job has decent health insurance. Deductible for a single is $2000.00 a year. I left the Army as a Disabled vet rated at 20%. I have priority A at The V.A. clinic here however i choose to use the mainstream health insurance/providers.
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