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    Haha I never had to the army over rides that, but I could be an instructor
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    That's just wrong on so many levels...

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    But you know it's funny

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    Actually I don't ... because it's what the Nazis did to the Polish people (using mass graves) prior to the use of other more 'efficient' mechanisms.

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    Where the Polish invading their country ? Or was it that the Nazi's were just taking over Poland? In this case we would be defnding the southern border of those trying to infiltrate our country. So in other words this would be protecting against invasion not crossing the border and doing mass killing in their country. They are doing that well enough.
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    Coach, this isn't a 3rd grade fist fight, it's shelling large numbers of unarmed people. People deserve more decency than that.

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    Surrealone, We all know it isn't a fist fight. What we are talking about is the need for a larger deterrent for illegal immigration and crime.
    Those that cross the southern border are armed with knowledge and sometimes weapons, as Border patrol sadly found out, that would bring down the USA and allow a takeover. It is happening daily. By letting them know we will penalize them rather than coddle them is an important part of protecting our country.
    While there is some jest in our posts the bottom line is that we need to put a halt to the immigration of all who snub there noses at our laws.

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    I'm ok with laying mines and posting warning signs fifty feet on our side of the border all along it ... because that harms no one, by itself. But I'm sorry, I'm not ok with shelling unarmed illegal aliens. That's different ... because in the first scenario the illegal alien harms him/herself whereas in the shelling scenario someone else harms him/her. I think it's perfectly acceptable for people to choose to harm themselves ... but not ok for one person to harm another unless defending him/herself (or another) against imminent death or great bodily harm.

    And by the way, most illegal crossings into our country are by unarmed individiauls...

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    I am OK with the land mine field and believe it to be a good deterrent. But what happens if they are able to avoid those mines and cross the border then murder someone you know and love.
    I know there are no solid answers but remember some ideas here are just that, Ideas. We know they are unrealistic for many reasons and we also understand that there is a bit of jest to the whole.
    I know that majority are unarmed with physical weapons . But I know the majority is armed with the knowledge of how to survive by tearing down our infrastructure and economic stability. The Mexican government is training these individuals and providing them with maps of destruction.
    So What does Timmy look like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    I am OK with the land mine field and believe it to be a good deterrent. But what happens if they are able to avoid those mines and cross the border then murder someone you know and love.
    The same thing that happens to a citizen that does so, except you also throw them out of the country before jailing them for life. (Assuming it's not a death penalty scenario.) I say this because the 'preemptice strike' philosophy just doesn't work when it comes to lethal force scenarios. i.e. Suggesting it's ok to kill someone inside this country's borders for what they -might- do ... is borderline insanity. Innocent until proven guilty, sir...

    Little Timmy does NOT look like an illegal alien.

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