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    Those charges come up when a third party harms a pregnant woman. However they seldom do when she harms herself (i.e. attempted suicide, child endangerment, etc). The law needs to be applied consistently for there to eventually be a consistent view on it. However, the law will never be applied consistently until there is a consistent view on it. It's a chicken and egg problem.

    I am, however, a bit bothered by the fact that people will far more readily charge the third party for an action that would harm a fetus ... than they will the mother, herself. Consider this: the mother smokes, drinks alcohol, etc. According to your view if she takes one sip of alcohol she's guilty of criminal child endangerment, as it's defined as 'physical, sexual, or emotional mistreatment or neglect of a child' ... and the consumption of alcohol by a pregnant woman is physical mistreatment (again, per your view). It's also contributing to the delinquincy of a minor. Same for smoking.

    There'd be a lot more locked up people in this world if your view prevailed ... and our tax dollars would have to pay for it ... AND the medical attention for the pregnancies they had while locked up ... AND the fostering program for the kid if it's a single mother. Are you prepared to pay for all that (with your tax dollars) to support your view? I'm certainly not. Neither are most states, let alone the federal government.

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    I hear and agree with many of your statements.
    No I do not want to pay for the cots incurred and think the families of said criminals should pay. To alleviate extended costs they should institute the death penalty for those who take a life.
    I also don't think Social security dollars should be paid out as a disability to addicts of any drug, legal or illegal. can we change this?
    I also don't care for the cost of Mooshelll Obuttheads meals at lavish hotels , when she is talking of sacrifice and volunteering. Lets hope the next 4 years will have a grounded first lady. And I mean a lady. One who respects the USA and family values more than selfishness.
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    I agree coach I also think the death penalty should be by hanging... Be very very cost effective
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    Yes with a high quality rope. Especially for drug dealers and the such. I hear Judge Roy Bean used the finest ropes in the land. They were made of hemp. Poetic justice for a drug dealer, IMHO.

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    Haha that would be funny and I don't think dealers deserve that nice personally

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    Ya know the least expensive way to solve the issue is a .22 bullet, well placed just 10 cents a piece

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    I'll do it!!! They wouldn't have to pay me just give me the rifle and bullets

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    Thats a good start then line the border with youngsters earning their Hunter Safety certification.
    Govenrment supplies shells and they get points for each kill of a illegal and lose a point for just wounding them

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    Haha and I can be behind them on a belt fed machine gun over watching?!?

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    I am certain if the call went out that many many folks would want an opportunity to recertify

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