Hit a pheasant and busted out a headlight so I figured it would be a good time to upgrade. So far I am very happy with them and have had lots of people stop and ask me about them. These are made by Spyder and so far the only thing I dont like is that the high beams aren't quite as good as the old ones were but I am going to put some new bulbs in as well as get the foglights wired up so they stay on which will help a lot.

I am also looking for opinions on what to do with my grille. The chrome is peeling in one spot (rather pathetic for a 3 year old pickup....) and I am sure its going to worsen. Right now I am looking at a black grille out of a WT but am worried that would be way to much black and would look like a hole. I am trying to find some way to get around using chrome, stainless steel is fine but the quality of chrome makes me want to eliminate it from my pickup.