For those of you who have a 2011 Traverse and are having a hard time (like me) getting it to fit (length-wise) into the garage. Here what I found. I have an upright freezer against the back of the garage. I have tried one of two options:
1. I can back the Traverse in and use the parking sensors to stop when the car is close to the freezer. My wife says she is not a "backer upper" so this will probably not work for her.
2. When I pull the Traverse in forward with the lights on, I get to a point where there are reflections on the freezer door. I keep pulling forward until these "reflections" make a perfect X. When that happens, I stop and I am about 6 - 8 inches away from the freezer...Perfect! I will have to take a picture of this "reflection" and post it.