I am a new member, was searching on the net and called at summitracing for some options
to lift my 1999 2wd C1500 chevy suburban. I have installed a Sarona body kit, and I am having a huge
ground clearance issue now. I only have 3 inch of clearance between the lowest trim of the front bumper and the ground!
I know that there are body lift kit and suspension lift kit.

I would like to know wich one is the more cost effective? Some suppliers says that over 3 inch you need a upper control arms lift kit and
new shocks. Some others says the same thing after 2.5 inch lift!?

Then, how much ground clearance should I need to stop rubbing the bumper? I measure my camaro front lip to the ground and it's about
7 inch? With that said, would I need a 4 inch lift to get the same ground clearance of my camaro???

I am in a hurry to do the lift because I want to store my truck in my garage for the winter and I can't even bring it in my driveway...

Any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance,