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    Default Silverado idles SLOW help!!

    hello, my 95 Silverado seems to idle slow like about 600 Rpms. I think its kind of strange, it also has a surging prob at about 800-850 just off idle. I have been looking around and I think its a tps sensor or a iac sensor. It has almost died at a stop sign (a few times) but never has and A/C does not work. It stumbles at about 800 and when you let off it seems to stumble just below where it normally idles and then catches itself.I would like for it to idle at about 750 where it suppose to. it TBI is there a way to adjust the idle I dont think there is I have looked. (I have not seen an idle screw) It idles fine for a cold start at around 1100 but when the engines is warm and in Drive its 600. however its 750 when in park. I just dont know what it could be. tcable not stuck nothings broke cable not loose. it does it all the time its quite annoying. your backing out of your driveway and the engine jsut surges. HELP ANYONE its been doing this for a while.?????

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    Whens the last time you cleaned the throttle body? Ive had problems with my throttle plate sticking, cleaned the throttle body and it idles fine.
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    agreed. all my chevys have done that clean the throatal body real good. and run a can of b-12. just go to walmart and pour it in with ur next fill up. if u have a k&n air filter try cleanin it sometimes thatll help

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