Earlier this year I had bought RECON's interior light LED kit for my truck (kit runs about $60, comes in later in the story!). The kit came with four pieces for the front and rear lighting domes. Recently I noticed that one of the rear LED components only lit up half of the LED Bulbs (the board has 12 LED's). I contacted RECON via e-mail to inquire about purchasing just the needed part instead of having to order another $60 kit. They responded the next business day telling me they could help out and to give them a call. Well the customer service rep was very helpful and has shipped out just the part I need! I didn't have to front any money, and from what I can tell I'll have to pay no more than shipping and handeling. I will update this thread as soon as the new part comes in!

Over all, I am very satisfied with RECON's products and customer service. Just keep in mind that they're based in Florida, three hours ahead of west coast, if you need to contact them (mainly for you West Coasters!)!