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    Quote Originally Posted by motonerd View Post
    My neighbor invented it.
    My other neihbor invented the TV.
    I will invent something... some day.
    I know who killed the 100 mpg carb.
    I can't mention any names... but...
    She was elected president of the U.S. in 2008. She may be a he but the less actual info I give, the less my life will be in peril.
    Someone's outside! More to come... Later dudes!

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    I'm back. Sorry it was just my cat.
    Ok. You don't beleive me.
    Lets talk about me. My credentials.
    My uncle Lenny was the first to sell THE Brooklyn Bridge. The one in New York...Maybe New Jersey. All those towns back east are the same to me.

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    I'm back... again. I was cutting the floorbords out of my Siverado to reduce weight, (see my post about fuel saving tips) when a spark from my torch dropped on my chest. I prefer to work on my truck in the buff. It gives me a sense of freedom. Freedom... something we are lacking from woman in the whitehouse.
    There are medications that will fix 100% of the issues with which you seem to be struggling. While the conspiracy theorists still manage to grapple with the President's country of birth, most of them will accept his sex. As for welding in the buff, I suppose if you have a small enough target, there is little risk.
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    waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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    Why are we talking about the 100 mpg carb....were on to the 1000 mpg carb now!


    The grandson of the man credited for inventing the "100mpg carb" decades ago, has disappeared after unveiling a revolutionary fuel injection system that claimed to allow modern cars to achieve 1,000mpg. It appears he has suffered the same fate of his grandfather whose invention so scared the major oil companies that they captured him in the dark of night and he was never seen again.
    Blurry photos of the system have been shown to local engineers and scientists who have come up with their own theories, "That setup is total horse****," said Dr John Balding, a 34-year mechanical engineer. "Seriously, if any oil company saw the photos I just saw and truly believed that this kid invented a legitimate way for an internal combustion to achieve that level of efficiency, they should be shut down immediately because their management is probably too dumb to tie their own shoes. My four year old son was blowing holes in that mess."
    The inventor's grandmother said, "My husband drank a lot, and I mean a lot. There were nights when he came upstairs from his workshop and started yelling about creating the 100 fart per mile carburetor, or the 100 beer per mile carburetor. There were other nights when he just drank himself silly down there doing God knows what. All I know is that my Buick had that ****ty carburetor on it and wouldn't get out of it's own way. Do you have any idea how embarassing it is for a 455 to be blown off by a four cylinder Chevy Vega?"
    The young man who created the supposed EFI system is no stranger to the local law enforcement. "He's the only person in the history of this town to get caught twice in the same day selling oregano as weed," said officer JB Law. "This kid is dumber than a bag of hammers. He's probably in the woods drinking warm Milwaukee's Best with his idiot friends."

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    ow back to the Texas Kansas game and some beer..............

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    lol wut?


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    I'm so confused in this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntbush83 View Post
    I'm so confused in this thread?
    pretty much agreed but i find it some what entertaining too because of how ridiculus the statements are
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    Yeah i was lost since it began, but im just gonna give that confused uh huh nod
    Objects in mirror are losing

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    isnt the confused nod something guys are really good at?? i know im really good at it atleast

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtsjj View Post
    isnt the confused nod something guys are really good at?? i know im really good at it atleast
    are we still talking about this thread or women now
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    well im going to say both because both this thread and women confuse the crap out of me

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