So as some of you guys know im going to school for law enforcement and for extra credit for my intro to law enforcement class we can do a ride along. I decided to request one with the UMDPD, because id actually love to be a campus police officer since i work security at a private college. I learned a lot in the short time that i was with the officer. First was that as its been preached a lot to me being a police officer isnt about driving fast and shooting people, and that second its really up to the officer and how the they are treated if you get a ticket or not. In the 7 traffic stops i was part of he only issued 2 tickets to the actual drivers. One for driving after revocation, and another for no proof of insurance, and having the tabs on the liscense plate expired by 9 months. Which i honestly thought was fair that those two got tickets. the best part is that when my ride along session came to an end, the officer told me to let him know when im getting close to being done with school because if there is an opening on their force the possition is mine. (it helps to personaly know the most senior officer on the force) the ride along was a great experience and i learned alot. The ride along had gotten me really excited to get done with school now lol.

But on another note, the next day i got pulled over because of my exhaust and got a ticket for not having a muffler (which i didnt know was illegal) and the state trooper that stopped me was very unproffesional in my eyes, im not going to fight the ticket because i know i wont win that one, but i am thinking about going to the patrol head quarters and speaking to a sgt or a LT about the officers behavior and how he handled the stop, what do you guys think, waste of time or do you think it would be benificial for me to try it?