Erica I have to agree with most of what you said. Where I differ is the handleing of people. When I went through the police academy it was stressed to us to use your experience to get you home but don't bring the BS from home to the job. Officers are human and it is hard to seperate the two sometimes. I am sure it is a little different for someone like me at 6'2 and 260 lbs than it is for a women. I am also a veteran. I was traveling down the interstate a few years ago on veterans day and got pulled over for speeding. I had USMC stickers on the rear window of my truck and was wearing a USMC sweatshirt also. Yes I was speeding and I deserve the ticket so let me get that clear. The trooper came up to my window and I handed her my papers when she got to the window. Her demeanor toward me was rude. She explained to me there was a bad accident a week or so ago so that was the reason for the crackdown in the area. I informed her of my ACT 120 ( Pennsylvania Police Academy) graduation as well as the fact of being a veteran and it being veterans day. Her only reply was sign on the line. I treated her as I would like to be treated during a traffic stop. She did not do the same in return. I was not looking to get out of the ticket all together because as I said earlier I was speeding ( 85 in a 55). The only thing I was hoping for is a lesser offense. So I understand what the OP is getting at.
sgtsjj I would use this as training for how you handle things once you get on the job. You know how you feel now, try to handle yourself in a manner that someone doesn't feel this way about you.