2005 Silverado Crew Cab Z71- I need to replace my Master Cylinder and Brake Booster. My truck has RPO Brake Code JF3 . In looking at the limited [reliable] resources GM gives us to search for OEM parts, it appears I can get what is known as the "1st Design" Master Cylinder and a Rebuilt Brake booster compatible with that MC. The 1st Design is what I have according to the description and picture as my reservoir has the Roll Pins. I cannot find any new boosters that will fit the 1st design and would prefer new.

It "appears" that the "2nd Design" MC is also compatible with my JF3 RPO code on the Glove Box label but it requires a different brake booster (which is fine since I am replacing anyway).

On the surface, it would appear that as long as I am changing both the MC and the BB together, both the 2nd Design MC and BB will be compatible with my truck? Just want to make sure that I don't have to go with the 1st Design since that is what came on my truck new. Basically I cannot find any reason why not but you never know. I can't find any explanation one way or another. I am sure there is a service bulletin out there somewhere that would tell me exactly what I need to know but of course I don't have access to them.

Is there any GM tech or someone experienced with this truck that can help me confirm the use of a 2nd Design MC and BB will be fine? Anyone know what are the difference is in the 2 designs? Again, I have Brake RPO code JF3.

1st Design MC- 19209191
1st Design BB- not sure

2nd Design MC- 19209325
2nd Design Compatible BB- 19209324