Well, managed to get it to start today and took it for a little test drive, and disappointingly, it was a bit of a mess. Very loud engine noise, which my Saudi friend reckons was the water pump. The steering was very loose indeed, tracking / ball joints / all that steering stuff seemed to be well out of play; the AC wasn't working - fan noise was so loud it was drowning out the noisy engine! Brakes seemed to be very spongey and soft and that was driving at relatively low speed.

It was quite an easy decision to walk away from it. The hunt continues...

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Not yet a Suburban owner - but went to have a look at this one today. The intention was to take it to a local garage to get them to check it over before even considering buying it. As it happened - the battery had drained, and we tried to jump start it, to no avail. Will try again hopefully tomorrow.

It's a K2500 7.4L, not sure on the year, I think it's around 1995. 175,000 kms on the clock. Looks reasonable for the year, the odd scratches etc on the outside, a few bits need tidying up inside. No idea how it runs!