First time poster:

I have the opportunity to purchase an 88 Silverado, 4X4, extended cab, long bed with 86,000 miles. It is in immaculate condition. It has a 350, motor is extremely clean. Interior is flawless. Electric locks and windows. Cloth seats. No blemishes. One owner, used to tow travel trailer. Always garaged and covered. Exterior has no dings or dents. Owner is/was meticulous.

Firm price is 6000.00. Of course the book price is well below this but, I am not very familiar with how you go about deciding what is a fair price. I do not intend to dicker with the man, and I am only looking for incite on what might be the norm when looking at a vehicle of this age and condition. I will either buy it for that price or not.

One of my concerns would be age in general. Will other things begin to "go" simply from non use? Thank you in advance for any opinions or suggestions.


Current owner of 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71 160000 miles