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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion here in the USA Jamie. As you well know. Everyone is also entitled to say anything they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

    Now after saying that, I have a couple of questions for our Newbie Prabie.

    First one.

    You didn’t fill out a signature or where you are from, why?

    I can understand your statement if you are from Iraq or Japan, but not knowing where you are from I have to agree with Jamie.

    WTF are you thinking?

    Better yet, WTF are you thinking with?

    The strike is over the UAW agreed to what I think was a stupid thing. Taking over the retiree health care fund that is an unfunded 51 billion dollar mess, with only 35 billion dollars from GM. See attached link.

    For some job security for its current members, something they have done in the past, GM, promised to not shut plants down and then shut them down anyway. My plant is a perfect example, they built a multimillion dollar paint shop after promising us the Lumina Mini van and then reneged, shut the plant down and closed the doors.

    GM is being run by management who have got to be the stupidest people on the planet. They have lost money the last few years because of managements inept business practices and then blamed their mismanagement on union wages. When in reality they lost money because of their own stupidity. but management still makes all those big bonuses.

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    See a Pattern yet?

    15 year GM assembly line worker.

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    Maybe Prabie was joking with us. Care to elaborate Prabie.


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    As Fiero stated, you are certainly entitled to your opinion Prabie, but I have to draw the line. Your remarks are borderline that of a forum troll. Just out to insight a fight.

    I too am entitled to my opinion, and it is my opinion that you are terribly ignorant.

    Whatever your situation is that makes you hate American's, I am truly sorry. I for one did not contribute to your misery, so I take extreme offense to you coming into my home (GMTC) and casting disparaging remarks about the North American members, and myself without even taking the time to speak with us, and get to know us first.

    If you feel this post is threatening your right to speak on this forum, then take it as a warning. Further posts of a similar nature will be deleted, and you will be banned. I will not tolerate, blatant antagonism on this board.
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    i wouldn't leave the posts, i'd remove them....the statement was off topic and need to upset the apple cart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 84fiero123 View Post

    For some job security for its current members, something they have done in the past, GM, promised to not shut plants down and then shut them down anyway. My plant is a perfect example, they built a multimillion dollar paint shop after promising us the Lumina Mini van and then reneged, shut the plant down and closed the doors.

    your state and local governments, probibly paid for that paintshop to be built as well as poring more moneys to GM in appreciation for the financial commitment to that plant and the local economy......3 year empty promises.....GM is real good at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    I think all of these posts go to show that this is a complex situation, that's for sure. The concept of healthcare is a big issue and when you're competing against countries that provide services like this (out of higher taxes across the board) it's a huge piece of the puzzle.

    One local guy at the Arlington, TX GM plant was interviewed as he was leaving. He basicly said that there were no winners. He'd lose thousands and GM will lose millions. He just wants to get back and work.
    Actually, Steve,

    It is easy. The first piece is that GM has to build desirable, high-quality cars, period. Sure, their cost structure is non-competitive. But the corporate will and vision simply ain't there. And that's where it starts...

    My '07 Canyon is sound from a design and engineering point of view. But the execution and detail? Garbage! My friend's '05 Pontiac with just 30K miles is a shakey, tinny piece of junk.

    Meanwhle GM is hiring "brand managers" who build "affinity partnerships" while Toyota EATS THEIR LUNCH. GM makes exactly ONE world-class leading automobile and that is the Corvette. Cadillac is showing signs of life but needs to maintain momentum.

    The product bar is too low. The goal is not to play limbo, it's to product "BEST IN CLASS" product. And until GM establishes that as a universal corporate mandate, the American automotive industry will continue to decline to oblivion.

    It's distressing to me that none of the previous posts, whether pro-union or pro-corporate, address the fundamental requirement of product quality and desirability.


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    I just looked at this from 18 months ago ... it's a different world now boss.

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    If the unions are so great why don't all their members retire in the place they work? Why do they move South to non union states? They should all stay in their little utopias they helped create.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hummer View Post
    If the unions are so great why don't all their members retire in the place they work? Why do they move South to non union states? They should all stay in their little utopias they helped create.
    Because that's where the sun is, and when ppl retire they sometimes move to southern states and/or get themselves a mobile home to travel the country, whether they are union or not?

    Just a guess.

    "The Sarge"
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    My family is from Ohio so the term union is not a foreign term though I am in the Cradle of the Confederacy where we have been fighting illegal immigration since 1861. Had family and friends who were union people too (UAW, USW,UMW,etc) and up until now I have been rather neutral on unions but now I have made the decision I will never buy another thing a UAW worker has touched if I can help it. I like my Silverado, bought GM stock, 300> shares and now with all that is happened I tend to blame the unions for a lot of the nations problems.


    The unions block vote democrat.
    The democrats tell the union workers they are for them and they need to help them get re-elected so they can protect them and the union workers swallow the whole hook, line and sinker. Forrest Gump's mother had a saying for that.

    Democrats set the country up with fannie mae/freddie mac and received union endorsements/contributions and voted for the sponsors to get them in. Then the housing industry collapses which was set up and run by democrats and the union people still scream vote democrat when they water is rising a foot a minute. This was clear before the election and the unions could have turned the election but they stood fast. The only difference between the Titanic crew and the unions is the Titanic had a band.

    The Republicans are guilty of being gutless pussies for letting them get away with it. Yeah yeah they "warned" us but Bush should have said in every state of the union address and every time he got behind a mic what was coming. So I don't have any warm fuzzies of him/them either. They had both houses and the white house and let the democrats do as they wanted. They call this reaching across the aisle. Yeah and I'm the easter bunny.

    Before the election I asked a congressman how many folks were going to jail over the fannie mae/freddie mac thing and he said "none". I knew right then the repubs were in it with them.

    The states the unions are big in have one heck of a lot of slime ball politicians who support the unions and the unions support them so they are in bed together. It appears they are only interested in money and don't care what is happening to the country as long as their wages go up. If women do it they are whores, if the union does it......................... they are for fair labor practice and other little terms they come up with.

    The unions came out big for Obama and he openly admitted he owes the unions. Now he has given like 17% of the GM stock to the Unions. Only thing is just a few of the union big fish get the big bucks, the rank and file who supported democrats just got screwed with massive plant closures. But who did they vote for, the ones the union bosses /shop stewards said to vote for.

    Bottom line as a GM stockholder and a Silverado owner I have skin in the game as Obama says. Now my stock last I heard is worth .29 a share and GM asks for a bailout to keep from filing bankruptcy, split the billions up among the execs and some others and then they declare bankruptcy so the GM management also sold their souls for money. Can't really blame them, they were going to be out of a job so might as well take the gov't money, split it up and run with it and to hell with the unions who who were stupid enough to believe them. They are probably all retiring in the South of France laughing all the way to and from the bank every day.

    My Dad was a miner, he didn't like what he was seeing as he could think for himself and didn't let some union steward tell him how to think. He knew they used threats/intimidation to get their way so the only thing he could do was bail and he did. My Uncle was a miner and it took him a long time to see it but he finally came around and saw what was going on.

    If the poor rank and file slobs who voted the way the union bosses told them are still going to be stupid enough to vote democrat then they deserve what they got. If on the other hand they don't and still vote democrat that is stupid above and beyond the call.

    The unions could have stopped the overseas job losses if they wanted to but they did not and now they are reaping their rewards.

    As it stands now I will never touch anything a UAW worker has touched again. I have a Silverado and a Durango so I asked for it by buying their stuff the last four times but no longer will I support people who are out to destroy the constitution by voting for democrats. Don't believe it, read some of the stuff Pelosi and Reed and others spew out.

    The funny thing is Colt firearms is a union shop and you can bet the workers voted democrat because the union bosses/shop stewards told them too. Another gun company was also a union shop and I have been told the union leaders were bribed to allow certain practices as they set up to close. The employees were told they were going under and their jobs just disappeared along with the union bosses who lived happily ever after with their bonuses.

    Used to be democrats were the squared away ones and the repubs were the flakes, now they have changed boats with alot of repubs still having a foot in each boat. 2010 elections will tell the tale and we will see how the tens of thousands of out of work union people vote.

    Right now I am willing to bet they won't see the light even though it has hit them between the eyes.

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