I recently picked up an Autoloc power tailgate lock (http://www.autoloc.com/catalog/Tailg...rra-C&K-series). The instructions for it were useless but I managed to compare it with Pop & Lock's setup and realized the methods would be the same for both (2 wires tied into the driver's side actuator wires) and so I used Pop & Lock's instructions to get the Autoloc unit wired in. This works flawlessly -- locking the doors locks the tailgate as it's supposed to and the same is true when unlocking.

However, my Python alarm is NOT providing enough voltage to reliably lock/unlock the Autoloc tailgate lock. When I press the button on my alarm fob I hear the Autoloc actuator try to engage but it just lacks the necessary oomph, suggesting a lack of voltage. I intend to install a pair of relays to correct for this, but I need to know the polarity of the door lock actuators. Presumably it's negative switch/trigger and this diagram applies: http://www.the12volt.com/relays/relaydiagram48.html

Can anyone confirm?