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    Quote Originally Posted by dhpgac View Post
    Would it be a regulator with a bank 1 code only? Could it be erg valve, bad injector, will change fuel filter next
    I'd go with most notorious culprit. Fuel pressure regulators and fuel pumps get fingered a lot for good reason.

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    You Need to check for vacuum leaks especially on the bank 1 side of the intake. Possible something happened when changing. I would be more inclined to say fuel pump if it would be both banks. And if you don't know bank 1 is the drivers side on that engine.

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    If it a bank 1 only .. better check intake gasket again. I f it was a lean on both banks then could be quite a few things .
    Like said maf.. make sure all tight down stream of maf ..pcv valve.. throttle body gasket... exhaust leak..loose dip stick .. ect. ect.
    But on one bank .. intake gasket ..or exhaust leak on bank 1/ driver side.

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    According to the service manual there are a couple of ways to get this code. If all you have so far is the P0171 it may clear on its own. Or you may get another code which will need to be addressed before you can figure this one out. One code specifically listed is a P0174. If you get that code in conduction with the P0171, you need to check the items listed below. I would check each of these items and then scan the engine again in a couple of days to see what else comes up.
    -exhaust leaks
    -restricted fuel filter
    -vacuum leak in the air in take after the MAF
    -vacuum hose leak or improper connection
    -throttle body, intake and EGR for leaks.
    -IAC should be checked if the idle is high or unsteady
    -PCV Valve operation
    -excessive water or alcohol in your fuel
    -VCM connections clean and secure.
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    Well, if you haven't changed the fuel filter and plugs in a long time, you mind as well add it to your list. Even if it doesn't solve the problem, it is still worth doing for preventative maintenance. And, a clogged filter will affect fuel pressure consistency, and plugs are a good start to look at for misfires. I pulled my plugs this morning and they looked absolutely horrible! I'm about to do the fuel filter...
    I like you.

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    Fuel filter & plugs have been changed, I just checked the fuel pressure, 52 pounds, what should it be? I had a code of P0171 & P0174

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    OK, I need to do this a few more times to confirm this. But, when I took a run on the highway today (about 1hour each way), I engaged cruise control for the 1st time in a long time. Well, the miss I've been experiencing seemed gone. I also, tried disengaging cruise control, and it seemed to return. But, when I put the switch in the on position,but did not push the button to activate, it still seemed like the miss was absent. I'm wondering if maybe I have a short in the switch?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhpgac View Post
    Fuel filter & plugs have been changed, I just checked the fuel pressure, 52 pounds, what should it be? I had a code of P0171 & P0174
    You can thank Cadillac for this info...
    "You might want to cycle the switch so the pump will run with out the engine actually coming on - under those conditions it should be 60 to 66 psi. When the pump stops it should hold steady at 55 to 60 psi. If you still are out of spec. Change the filter first. Then check it again. If still low AND the pressure holds 55 to 60 with the pump off, you need a fuel pump."

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