After watching my Carolina Gamecocks put a whoop'n on Clemson last night, I thought this would be an uneventful day. Wrong! While walking into my bathroom I managed bring my foot forward while allowing for only 4 of my 5 toes to clear the door jamb. The resulting collision of my right little toe and the door frame produced audible "crack" followed by a series of sensations the led me to conclude the sound I heard was not due to any structural failure of the frame.
The door frame also has retained the same color as it had before the collision while I cannot say the same for my toe.

Now I have just learned that my Cousin who has a large family through adoptions and good ole fashioned reproduction is expecting #22 in the coming year. When this newest addition graduates high school my cousin will be 71. I feel a lot better about my toe now. In fact, given the choice between finding out I was going the be a dad again at 50, and breaking bones the choice is easy; I have 9 more toes and plenty of door frames.LOL